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Over the years many of our customer’s have asked us find them a car.  At Scanwest Autosport we were not expecting to be a used Saab dealer but felt it was a good fit with the all the requests.

We typically have a Saab ready to go, all shined up and ready for their new owner. Check out our Saab Cars for Sale in Seattle, WA.

Mechanic Inspected Cars for Sale

The Saabs we sell are completely inspected inside and out, any needed repairs are performed. The cars from our Seattle Saab used car dealership come with a 6 month warranty on parts and labor (Scanwest will pay half of labor and parts) to cover any needed major repairs.  Any repairs that have been made to the car for the sale of the car come with a 36 month, 36,000 mile warranty.  We are confident you will be happy with a Pre-Owned Scanwest Saab.




2007 Subaru Forester X  (SOLD)

  • 90k miles
  • Manual transmission

-New head gaskets

-New valve cover gaskets

-New timing belt, pulleys, and tensioner

-New water pump

-New clutch

-Four new Continental Truecontact Tires

-New right rear wheel bearing

-Alignment performed

-90k service performed

-New drivers headlight assembly (old one had a water leak)

3 year/ 36k mile warranty on work performed for sale

6 month bumper to bumper warranty (Scanwest will cover 50% of parts and labor for needed repairs within the 1st 6 months)

$9500 plus taxes and license fees.



2006 9-3 Aero Combi – SOLD!

101.6K miles
2.8 V6, Auto Trans

Complete service performed
New battery
New coolant reservoir hoses and clamps.
New wiper blades.
New front bumper cover and spoiler
New fuel level sensor
ABS/ESP computer replaced (used)

$6950 plus tax and license fees
Warranty- inquire for details.



















2007 9-3 Combi

4cyl B207R engine, Auto transmission
134.7k miles

-New power steering pump
-New vacuum pump
-New front brake pads and rotors
-New rear brake pads and rotors
-Full 120k service performed
-New belt and tensioner
-New rear oxygen sensor
-New factory floor mat set

$7495.00 plus tax/ licensing

Warranty- inquire for details.


1997 9000cs SOLD!

4Cyl / 5spd Manual Transmission / 159k miles

This car has been consistently serviced at Scanwest Autosport since 2006

-Recent complete Major Service.
-Recent rear brake pads and rotors.
-Recent outer cv boots.
-Receent power steering pressure hose.
-Recent oil pressure switch.
-Recent front control arm rear bushings.
-Recent coolant temperature sensor.
-Recent antenna mast.
New clutch and slave cylinder
Recent radiator
Recent headgasket



****Comes with a factory Saab roof rack!****

$2850 plus tax and license
Warranty- call for details


2002 Saab 9-3 se Convertible! NEW Lower Price SOLD!

4cyl. Engine / Automatic Transmission / 164.6K Miles
-Completely resealed engine, including new headgasket
-New water pump
-New ignition cassette
-Full service peRformed
-New cup holder
-New front tires, Continental Extreme Contact DWS
-New radiator
-New 5TH bow intermediate switch (conv top)
-New interior temperature sensor
-New thermostat, temp sensor, and oil pressure switch

Warranty- ask about details
$5200 + tax and licensing.


















1981 900s – SOLD!

Vin# YS3AS3354B1009688 293.4k miles
4cyl 8 valve Manual transmission

-Serviced as Scanwest for over two decades
-new muffler and exhaust pipes
-recent front calipers, rotors, and pads.
-recent rebuilt steering rack.
-recent new power steering pump
-recent belts
-recent rebuilt alternator
-recent new heater valve
-recent new brake master cylinder

-It has SPG wheels, Saab OEM accessory fog lights, and Saab OEM rear window louvers; what else do you need!?!?!

Warranty on muffler, front brake calipers, steering rack and pump. Rest is as-is. $1500 + tax and licensing.

Note: Driver’s seat has wear (hole on bolster) and right rear quarter panel has damage over the wheel well.


2004 Saab 9-3 Arc SOLD!

4cyl. Engine / Automatic Transmission / 90.4k Miles
-New windshield and wiper blades
-Full service performed
-New cup holder
-New front brakes and rotors
-Alignment performed
-New belt and tensioner
-New thermostat
-Water pump replaced 3 years ago

Warranty- ask about details
$5650 + tax and licensing.


1999 9-3 2.0 Liter – SOLD!

4cyl. 188k, Manual Trans.
Grey cloth interior

-Rebuilt transmission.
-Recent clutch, New Slave cylinder.
-Oil pan clean out performed.
-Replaced transmission mount and rear motor mount.
-New floor mats.
-Service performed.
-Recent Michelin MXV4 tires.
-New Saab alloy wheels
-New window rollers, right door.
-New oil pressure switch
-New wiper blades.
-New oil pump and crank seal.

$4200 plus tax
***All cars come with a 6 month warranty. Ask about details on the cars and warranties.***


2002 SAAB 9-3 SE – SOLD!

4cyl 2.0 engine Auto transmission 105.3k miles
Black with Grey Leather “Turbo” interior

-New front brakes and rotors
-New rear brakes and rotors
-New fuel pump
-Service performed, oil and trans fluids
-New onstar antenna
-Recent water pump
-Recent belt, tensioner, and pulley
-Recent left ball joint

This 9-3 has been serviced with Scanwest since 2007. Call for warranty details.

$4,790 plus tax
Warranty- call for details


2000 SAAB 9-3 Cv – SOLD!

4cyl. Engine / Automatic Transmission / 148K Miles

-Resealed engine including new headgasket, 80k on engine
-New belt and pulleys
-New transmission mount
-New front spoiler
-Rebuilt turbo tires
-New floor mats (not in picture)
-Includes wind deflector
-New convertible 5th bow microswitch
-New water pump

$6,000 plus tax
Warranty- call for details


2001 SAAB 9-5 Wagon – SOLD!

4cyl. Engine / Automatic Transmission / 139.8K Miles

-Complete reseal on engine, including new headgasket.
-Rebuilt cylinder head.
-Rebuilt turbo.
-New water pump.
-Complete new timing chain/ balance shaft chain kit with guides and gears.
-Recently replaced tires, all four.
-New rear shocks.
-New sub-frame bushings, sway bar links, and control arm bushings.
-New positive battery cable.
-Recently replaced brake booster.
-Recently replaced heater box flap motors.
-Recently replaced radiator and heater bypass valve.

$6,850 plus tax
Warranty- call for details


1993 900 S Convertible – SOLD!

4Cyl 2.1 Liter/ Auto Transmission / 171k miles

-Grey Leather interior.
-New water pump.
-New power steering rack boots.
-Rebuilt transmission.
-Alignment performed.
-Recent new crank position sensor.
-New transmission cooler hoses.
-Oil change service performed.
-Coolant flush service performed.
-Recent oil pump reseal.
-New fog lights
-New antenna mast

$5,750 plus tax
Warranty- call for details


2000 SAAB 9-3 SPE – SOLD!
(Scanwest Performance Edition) #002

Vin #YS3DF58KXY2002849
4cyl 2.3L engine/ Automatic transmission / 95210 miles
-Rebuilt 2.3L engine
-New water pump
-New serpentine belt and pulleys
-Complete service performed
-New front strut supports
-Abbott Racing Steering Rack Brace
-Abbott Racing Rear Sway Bar
-GenuineSaab T7 Open Air Intake
-GenuineSaab Front Bumper Ram-Air Intake
-Larger 04- T7 Turbo Inlet Pipe
-Front and rear Viggen bumper covers, complete with correct splash panels
-Viggen rear spoiler and roof mount antenna
-17” Twin spoke wheels
-Viggen exhaust system
-Almost new Yokohama YK580 with a warranty
-Carbon fiber dash Insert
-Carbon fiber wrapped B and C door pillars
-Pioneer Radio with USB and Aux inputs, model # AVH-P1400DVD
-2002 “Turbo” leather interior

$7995.00 plus tax
Warranty, call for details.
See our facebook photo album for more pictures



2005 SAAB 9-3 Linear – SOLD!

VIN# YS3FB49S251041319
4cyl 2.0L engine/ Automatic transmission / 120k miles
-Full 120K service performed
-Resealed timing cover
-New balance shaft tensioner and tensioner guide.
-New right front seat belt.
-New heater fan motor
-New rear brake pads and rotors.
-New cup holder
-New vacuum pump
-New wipers
-New left front window regulator

$6500 plus tax
Warranty, call for details.



2002 Saab 9-5 Aero – SOLD!

VIN# YS3EH49G223031072
4cyl. Engine / Automatic Transmission / 168K Miles
-New SAAB short block installed approx. 80k miles ago.
-New heater bypass valve
-New brake booster
-New front spoiler
-Recent service
-Recent tires, Continental Extreme Contact DWS
-Recent suspension work
-Service records since 2009 at Scanwest Autosport

$6,900.00 +TAX
Warranty- ask about details



1999 9-3 SE – SOLD!

VIN# YS3DF55P4X2083233
4cyl turbo engine / 5spd manual transmission / 60.7k miles
-Tan Leather Interior
-New heater fan motor
-New front brake pads and rotors.
-Full 60k service performed.
-Rebuilt SID
-Oil pan clean out performed.
-New tail light seals.
-New battery.

$4900 plus tax
Warranty- Inquire for details.



2001 Saab 9-3 – SOLD!

VIN# YS3DD58H712050714
4cyl. Engine / Automatic Transmission / 70.1K Miles
-Rebuilt engine
-Full service performed
-New water pump
-New belt and tensioner
-New antenna
-Rebuilt SID (Saab information display)
-New front strut mounts
-Transmission service performed
-New transmission mount
-New tires (all four)

$5950.00 +TAX
Warranty- ask about details



2002 Saab 9-5 – SOLD!

VIN# YS3EB49E523019353
4cyl. Engine  /  Automatic Transmission / 127.5K Miles
-New windshield
-Full service performed
-New water pump
-New belt and tensioner
-New battery
-New oil pressure switch
-New rear brake pads and rotors.
-New right side fog light
-Resealed oil pump
-Recently new tires (all four)
-Serviced at Scanwest since 62k miles

$5895.00 +TAX
Warranty- ask about details





2002 SAAB 9-3 – SOLD!

Vin # YS3DF58K022005993
128k miles, Automatic transmission
Grey leather interior
-New front struts
-Rebuilt SID display
-New front brakes and rotors.
-New belt and tensioner
-New battery
-New oil pressure switch
-Updated crankcase breather system
-New factory floor mats.
-New roof mount antenna
-New transmission mount.
-New thermostat and coolant.
-Service performed.
-Alignment performed.

$5650 plus tax
Warranty- call for details




2001 SAAB 9-5 Aero – SOLD!

Vin #  YS3EH48G813016415
165k miles,  Automatic transmission

-Grey leather interior
-New fuel pump
-New Radiator
-New belt, pulley, and tensioner
-Rebuilt SID
-New timing chain
-New valve cover gasket
-New dash lights
-Service performed
-New oil pressure switch
-New rubber factory floor mats

$5250 plus tax
Warranty- call for details



1993 900 – SOLD!

2.1 Liter 4cyl., 5spd
VIN # YS3AK45E9P2000712

-Tan cloth interior.
-Rebuilt transmission, with recent clutch.
-New outer cv boots.
-Recent new mufflers.
-New A/C hoses and conversion to R134a refrigerant.
-New belts.
-Alignment performed.
-Electric door locks and fuel level sensor repaired.
-New Antenna Mast

$3900.00 plus tax.
***6 month warranty. Ask about details on the car and warranties.***




1996 900 SE Turbo – SOLD!

4 cylinder turbo engine, 5spd manual transmission
112k miles

-New fuel pump and filter.
-New radiator.
-New thermostat.
-New front brakes and rotors.
-Alignment performed.
-Resealed oil pump.
-New serpentine belt and pulleys
-oil change service performed.
-Complete clutch with clutch cable performed approx 20k miles ago.
-Recent new ignition switch.

$3250.00 plus tax.
Warranty- call for details.



2002 Saab 9-5 Linear Wagon – SOLD!

102.5k miles, Automatic transmission
-New radiator and upper hose.
-New subframe bushings and rear control arm bushings.
-Alignment performed.
-New left front wheel bearing.
-Oil pan clean out recently performed.
-Transmission valve body update performed.
-Full service performed.
-Rebuilt turbo.
-New headlights, no buffing needed.
-New OEM direct ignition cassette.
-New battery.
-New exhaust flex pipe.
VIN: YS3EB59E623015172
$7750 plus tax. Warranty

Warranty- call for Details.



2000 Saab 9-3 – SOLD!

Automatic transmission
121k miles
Leather interior
-Rebuilt engine and turbo.
-New belt and pulleys.
-New A/C compressor
-Resealed tail lights.
-New antenna mast
-New front brake pads and rotors
VIN: YSEDD58H5Y2034554
$5600 plus tax.

Warranty- call for Details.













1992 900 Saab Turbo Convertible – SOLD!

151.7k miles, Automatic transmission
-Resealed oil pump.
-New belts
-New voltage regulator
-Repaired seat cables for front seats.
-Engine serviced.
-Transmission service performed including band adjustment.
-Recent tires
-Alignment performed.
-Recent new rear brake pads and rotors.
-tail light wiring update performed.

VIN# YS3AL76L0N7000710
$2950 plus tax.
Warranty – Call for Details














2001 Saab 9-3 – SOLD!

Automatic transmission
Grey leather seats
123k miles on car, 96k mile on the engine.
-Completely resealed engine including new headgasket
-New water pump
-Rebuilt Turbo
-New timing chain and balance shaft chain
-All new fluids.
-New belt, pulleys, and belt tensioner
-Full tune service performed.
-New oil pressure switch
$5800.00 plus tax.

Warranty- call for Details.



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