Customer Comments

Scanwest Autosport has been, and most likely will be the default shop to have my MY01 9-3 Viggen serviced. The friendly staff (who have treated me like family) coupled with extensive knowledge of the trade allows me to drive to the shop in confidence. Although prices of both parts and labor have increased in recent years, the folks at Scanwest have time and time again, worked with me to give me the most reasonable prices. While I miss the small Scanwest of the old days, the updated facilities are quite a sight to behold. I wish Scanwest the best in fortune and prosperity for years to come – I’ll surely need their help while I own Saabs (or even a Subaru).”
-James 6/08

“Craig is always such a pleasure to deal with and gets the job done in such an efficient yet low key manner. I have always enjoyed doing business with you guys over the last 10 years and am really happy to see your business grow! Keep up the great work! Great employees and quality workmanship is a never ending formula for success far into the future!”
-Barry 4-18-2008

“I really appreciate the way your service crew handled my emergency when my tensioner went out on Labor Day. I had the car towed to Scanwest and they immediately went to work on it Tuesday and had it done when I returned Tuesday afternoon. The Service is excellent and reasonably priced. It’s a pleasure to do business with Scanwest!!”
-Rick 4/03/2008

“My car door latch was broken so my door wouldn’t close and I had no secure place to leave my car. I appreciate your willingness to take my car in on such short notice as well as your completion of all my requested work one day earlier than expected. Thanks!”
-Scott 3/06/08

“I come from Friday Harbor and have many options as to where I can have my SAAB serviced. Without a doubt my experiences with SCANWEST have been excellent for the past 7 years that I have used your services.”
-Bob 1/08/2008

“Excellent, competent work. You fully demonstrated your expertise and fondness for working on and maintaining Saabs. Thanks for keeping my faithful Saab running!!!”
-Jamie 12/11/2007

“Bob was so nice talking to me on the phone about my car which seemed to have a clutch cable that needed to be adjusted. His explanation of how I could drive my car to your facility was very kind, simple, and convinced me I was able to drive it to get the cable adjusted. Thank you so much. You are all the best. It was done in about 5 minutes!!!”
-Brenda 12/06/2007

“My car practically quit running. I was barely able to get it to the shop. You indicated that you’d try to squeeze it in. You fixed my oxygen sensor in a day, and now the car runs great. Thank you for your great service.”
-Tom 9/11/2007

“As usual, Scanwest sets and meets very high standards for Saab service. The Scanwest service is fast, friendly, and professional. I want to thank Lynn for his diligence in making sure that all my questions were answered. The work was perfect and the vehicle was ready at the specified time.”
-Robert 8/02/2007

“If you had a “more than highly satisfied” column, I would have checked that for all the above! But, better than the work you do, better than your continual attempt to do everything right, better than the fact that you give 120% every time; is the fact that Scanwest is so honest and straight forward in ALL of your dealings! You make things right, you offer me ways to use “other than new” parts, you advise when something is serious and needs attention now, you advise when I can’t afford to wait getting something repaired. You truly are an exception in this industry! Vi, Rob, Lynn, Bob, Eric et al., Thank you! I’ve always felt safe, well cared for and fairly treated in your hands. Please, don’t ever retire. Best to you all Gretchen.”
-Gretchen 8/22/2006

“I am always pleased with the service I get and enjoy the employees’ attitudes! Everyone is friendly and very efficient. It is never a drag to bring in my car. Thank you for all of the great service!”
-Carly 1/03/2006