Albert Rivera – Service Advisor, Parts


At Scanwest since 2019:

The Newbie but has been in the auto service business for many years with dealership-level experience.


First Repair:

After breaking the timing belt on my 1995 Mazda Protégé during some street racing, I had to fix the engine!


I Can’t Believe What I am Seeing story:

While working at Chrysler, a Chrysler 200 came if for coolant work.  The coolant level sensor warning would cycle and on and off as the engine ran.  Looking at the reservoir, the coolant would disappear and then get pushed back in and continue to do this.  After changing some parts, the same problem.  After a little more investigation, the head gasket had failed and was leaking into the cylinders and upon compression would push the coolant back into the cooling system!

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