Craig Haugen: At Scanwest since 1999!

Started out as a shop helper at Scanwest, after about a month- “I would be of much better help to you in the office, rather than working on cars.” I can get myself into trouble repairing cars.

First repair:
Replacing the engine in my 79 Saab 900. I couldn’t get the transmission separated from the old block once I had it out, had to have Scanwest finish it up for me. I was a customer from then on out and started working at Scanwest two years later. I’ve learned a lot since then!

I can’t believe what I’m seeing story:
I haven’t seen a whole lot but the one that sticks out is a customer drove over a piece of rebar. It managed to go through the lower splash panel of the bumper, radiator, intercooler, a/c condenser, and come out though top behind the turn signal light inside the fender.

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